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Letter: Leaders who are motivated only by politics prove why we need term limits

Your front page article June 9 exposed Casey Cagle as an unworthy public servant. He only admitted wrongdoing after he’d been caught in the act of showing where his misplaced priorities are. Like most career politicians these days, they make decisions based on whether or not it will help them get re-elected rather than to vote the hearts and minds of their constituents. Disgusting. 

Of course this behavior permeates politics from local governments to Washington, D.C. Special interests unduly influence the outcome of elections. Why don’t we constituents rise up and insist on having a statewide referendum on term limits? Let’s see if anyone in politics has the courage to start that conversation. Career politicians need to be eliminated.

Cagle’s behavior is a great example of “the swamp” that President Donald Trump ran on and which he committed to start draining. Let’s send a signal to Washington that unethical behavior by elected officials won’t be tolerated and that we are draining the swamp here in Georgia one by one. 

I’m an independent thinker when I go into the voting booth and I don’t yet know who I will vote for in this year’s governor’s race. What I do know is who I will not vote for.

Larry Fast


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