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Letter: Key changes could help traffic safety along Martin Road at subdivision
02122018 MARTIN 1.jpg
JM Turk at Martin Road - photo by Scott Rogers

I am a resident of a subdivision along Martin Road near a planned roundabout at Turk Road. I witnessed two rear-end collisions last year where vehicles stop for left-hand turns into our subdivision; one was into a car stopped behind me as I was making a left hand turn. 

A sign warns of turns at the curve, which appears to be largely ignored. Right-hand turn lanes work well from the opposite side. 

Another safety problem is the narrowness of the road. Many times I have had to ride the solid line at the shoulder to avoid collisions with oncoming traffic traveling with a wheel on the centerline, principally by dual-wheeled vehicles or landscape contractor trailers. Ruts in the shoulder also testify to other cars getting onto the dirt shoulder especially on corners where oncoming traffic may cut corners over the centerline. Stop signs and speed limits don’t solve these problems. 

In addition, they involve likely violators and a police presence, but the two problems that I have described can be solved with permanent engineered solutions. One solution is to install left-hand turn lanes as a priority wherever rear-end collisions have occurred. The second solution is paving the shoulders or adding bike lanes to provide space for evading oncoming collisions. 

These solutions focus on safety without a need for enforcement.  

Melvin L Myers

Flowery Branch

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