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Letter: Instead of kneeling, lift up prayers for our president
Praying hands

As many of the president’s opponents plan to turn their faces toward heaven and scream in frustration, and many are taking a knee in protest, I offer an alternative. Every night at 9 p.m., I will take a knee to lift up a prayer for Donald Trump. I know many pray for our president daily.

I think that a commitment to come together in a concerted effort in prayer can yield much. I invite all who would to join me in prayer every night. Myself, I will pray that our president will have wisdom and that he will seek God’s will in all that he does. I think this will accomplish more than yelling at the sky or taking a knee in protest while enjoying the freedom to do so. 

Mr. President, I’ll be praying for you. You’re welcome to join in and pray for all of us.

Eddy McEntire 


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