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Letter: Illegal immigration must be stopped
Border wall.jpg

Many come to our southern border with the intent of crossing it illegally. They come with a plethora of needs. Others are injured in attempts to breach barricades, are victims of rape, etc. These people are enticed by our weak immigration laws, cartels and primarily by the gross lack of action by the Democratic Party.

I think it’s worth mentioning that these people are met with humane assistance, i.e. helicopter transportation to trauma centers, food for the hungry, medical care for the sick, etc. What else can we do to send the message that we need more people with more problems?

It should be abundantly clear that we still have ample room for thousands of more on the streets and sidewalks of LA , Seattle, New York and other Democrat strongholds.

Even to the most casual observer, it is obvious that something needs to be done to stem the tide of people who have very different backgrounds and no respect for our laws and values. A nation that cannot or will not control its borders will very shortly become just a spot on the globe where chaos exist and the lawless reign.

We have some 700 miles of fence/wall at present. The border is some 2,000 miles long. I think it makes sense to fill the gaps with any and everything that is effective in stopping the invasion. It has been made clear — to the whole world, including our neighbors to the south — there is a way you may enter this country legally and many have done so. I would think having this procedure available and ignored by those who cross our borders illegally is insulting and perplexing to those who have spent years of time and thousands of dollars doing it the proper way.

If you think a wall is not needed, I suggest talking to angel moms.

I keep reading and hearing the same old mantra about “fundamental change” from, Cortez, Sanders, Booker, Old Joe and other economic and constitutional illiterates. I have had enough of fundamental change: record unemployment, worldwide contempt, trade that grossly favored the partners, a stock market that thought its permanent home was in the basement, race relations set back 20 years, no relief for the working man. These are just a few “fundamental changes” from the previous eight years.

I don’t know where they dug up this “basket of deplorable” presidential wannabes, but they are a real slate of very scary possibilities. If our country is so bad and in such need of changes, why do people leave all their worldly possessions, walk thousands of miles without adequate provisions for water or food, wade rivers, crawl through sewers and crawl over barb wire barricades in an attempt to live here?

Gary Gambrell 


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