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Letter: If we don’t stop global warming now, nature won’t be kind to us

Hurricanes need energy to strengthen and they get it from the oceans. Global warming is increasing the temperatures of the seas and that is creating stronger hurricanes, which results in greater devastation on land. In a way, we are reaping what we have sown, and future devastation is going to get worse. 

There is no question the earth’s climate has changed in the past. There is no argument there have been several Ice Ages. There have been periods when the climate has been warmer than it is now, and these are the facts global warming deniers use to discount what is happening now. 

A single volcanic eruption can emit enough dust and gas into the atmosphere to alter the world’s climate for several years. Admittedly, this can distort data about what is happening to our environment. But what is different now, than in the past, is the fact that there are 7.6 billion people on earth and meeting the needs and wants of a population this large creates pollutants, and these are altering the world we live on. 

Our oceans are being flooded with plastics and our atmosphere is receiving emissions from our factories, homes, businesses and vehicles. We can see what is happening to the oceans. There are areas in the seas as large as Texas that are plastic dumps. Less visible, but just as real, are the emissions in the atmosphere. They are there, and they are altering our environment.

Here is the bottom line: If, as some claim, global warming is a hoax and we change our practices to solve it, we will end up with a cleaner world. If global warming is real and we do nothing to solve it, we will screw up this world.

Mother Nature does not care. If species, perhaps even us, go extinct, Mother Nature over time will evolve new species to fill the voids. I do not want this to happen. Therefore, I will not vote for anyone who denies that global warming is happening. The time to take action is long past. 

Jimmy O’Neill


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