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Letter: If politicians and courts are protected, why not schools?
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A Capitol Hill Police officer stands his post at the entrance to the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill in Washington. - photo by J. Scott Applewhite

I can’t believe the pain caused by the most recent school campus shooting, pain that will last for many generations. I am frustrated because I know what we can expect from those who “supposedly lead” us: No real ideas, no real action. Just the same rhetoric.

I expect more of the hollow and empty commentary from “talking heads” lecturing us on the need for more gun restrictions. It is more talk from people who have neither the mental capacity or moral integrity to adequately discuss gun violence.

Few will mention the real causes of gun violence — a heart problem, a culture of death and violence, drug abuse that is destroying homes, TV and video games that glorify death, family breakdown, and a broken political system that has our nation fractured.

I am sick and tired of politicians who insist on restricting law-abiding citizens from owning guns while at the same time are being protected by their armed personal security details for every shopping trip, family vacation trip or travel to and from work. I challenge them to dismiss their armed security details until they fix this problem. Enough of their political hypocrisy.

When did the last courtroom shooting occur? We can protect judges in courtrooms, and we should, but not providing the same level of protection for kids in school is wrong. Courtrooms operate in the same world with our exact same gun laws, yet no shootings happen there. Why? Obviously it is not a “gun law” issue.

No, the answer is courtrooms have taken practical steps to addressing the danger. Schools have more options that are not being utilized.

Here are some practical ideas.

Implement enhanced school campus security. We know how to do this. Many military installations have major public highways running through them, yet the military has in place protections from intruders who drive through those installations.

Install camera and video resources in schools and use trained volunteers to staff them. A trained “eye” can detect an issue before it becomes one.

Increase school security details, both paid and volunteer. There are many veterans who have the desire and ability to provide armed security at our schools. These men and women have had extensive weapons training, and if the call went out, would step up in volunteering to help protect our children and administrators in our schools.

Allow for the training and arming of teachers and administrators who want to participate.

It is interesting that while those in charge will dismiss these actual solutions, remember these same elites and politicians have implemented security measures in their children’s private schools and they lived behind walls in their personal home compounds, staffed by security details paid for by my tax dollars.

There are many good ideas. Get to work! Our children deserve it.

Thomas Smiley


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