Doug Collins makes run for Senate official
Gainesville’s Doug Collins has announced his campaign for the U.S. Senate to fill the seat currently occupied by U.S. Sen.
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Letter: Here we go again with ‘he said, she said’
02012018 LETTER
Tom Baxter’s editorial Wednesday went on in detail about voting issues in NC.

He quoted the Democratic vice-chairman of Bladen County saying “... has been repeatedly referred to the United States attorney and district attorneys to take action and clean it up.

In my opinion those things have not taken place.”

Finally Baxter concludes, “If something like this has been going on in one corner of North Carolina for years, it’s likely to have been going on elsewhere.”

Well, here we go again. Yes, his information from the Democrats, if correct, looks like it is a bit messy at best up there. Not as bad as Broward County, Florida, of course.

The problem is no one has been charged with anything despite being “repeatedly referred” for investigation. Maybe there was not much to investigate.

Mr. Baxter does not stop there of course, he goes on to use the accusations made to “conclude” that it is going on elsewhere.

So, if Republicans accuse Democrats of helping people fill out their ballots in some backwater county, then we conclude the Democrats are doing it elsewhere?

What the heck ever happened to let’s get the charges at least before we declare guilt. Better yet, wait for the trial to end.

David Long

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