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Letter: Heed scientist warnings before it’s too late for us all, please
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Heed scientist warnings before it’s too late for us all, please

The fourth National Climate Assessment was just released, and it issued dire warnings about climate change.

The report is mandated by law every few years. Hundreds of scientists and officials from 13 government agencies wrote the report based on the best scientific evidence.

The report emphasizes that climate change is due to humans causing an increase in greenhouse gases. The report says that without greenhouse gases, natural forces — such as changes in energy from the sun — would be slightly cooling Earth.

The report warns that, by the end of this century, temperatures are expected to warm about 8.2 degrees F if we take no action. It also says that, without rapid action, we will have heavier precipitation events, a marked increase in sea levels with high tide flooding events along the U.S. coastline, ocean acidification and warming, crop loss, and an increase in forest fires in the western United States and Alaska. All this will result in economic losses in the hundreds of billions of dollars annually by 2100 with up to a 10 percent decrease in our GDP.

Yes, this is very dangerous to us and even more so to future generations — those are your children and my children and our grandchildren. And yes, it is due to the burning of fossil fuels, despite what others may claim. It seems to me that, if our government ordered an exhaustive test to understand climate change, we should heed its warnings while there is still time.

The good news is that we actually can solve this problem. Economic studies show that a national revenue neutral carbon fee and dividend plan will actually grow our economy and put more money back into the average American’s pocketbook while at the same time being the best means to combat climate change.

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, H.R. 7173, was just introduced in Congress. This bill, with joint Republican and Democratic sponsorship, will do just that. This represents America’s best chance to change the course of history and control climate change. I hope and pray that we will heed the warnings of our best scientists and do the morally right thing.

Vernon Dixon


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