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Letter: Handicapped parking passes are for with limited mobility not lazybones
02012018 LETTER

I have noticed that some vehicles parked in spaces designated for the handicapped do not have a state-issued parking placard or special license plate. I have also noticed that many people do not understand that a handicapped parking permit should not be used when the person to whom the permit was issued is not along for the ride.

Simply stated, handicapped parking permits are not issued to moroto vehicles. Parking permits are issued to individuals who have a certified medical condition that limits personal mobility. Lazybones, by the way, is not a certifiable medical condition.

Persons with disabilities — including our wounded warriors — do not deserve to be inconvenienced and disrespected by thoughtless people who illegally park in handicapped parking spaces. This is a growing problem throughout the nation, and it is one of many bad behaviors that gives me cause to worry about where out great country is headed

Claude Diamond


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