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Letter: Handicap spots are meant for people who really need them
09252018 PARKING 4
Parking will be even more scarce in downtown Gainesville as the Main Street parking deck is now closed so 180 new spaces can be added. - photo by Scott Rogers

I’m writing this in regard to handicap parking. I have noticed how disrespectfully it is handled by many. 

Some park without a tag or permit, go in the stores and are able to out-walk anyone. 

The parking lots at stores and other places are not patrolled by law enforcement the way they should be. What good is the sign “no parking without a permit” if not enforced? 

Young teens parking and “running” in the store with a permit on the mirror or tag no doubt use their parents’ permit, which is definitely against the law. 

I believe the handicap permit forms are made too easy to get. Anyone with a long-term doctor or a good relationship with a doctor can easily be approved to get a handicap parking permit. 

The issue needs to be more looked into by the state. Laws need to be more strict and permits harder to be received. Something definitely needs to be done. 

Bobby P. Jones