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Letter: Hall County should better maintain its roads
McEver Road gets resurfaced between Flat Creek Road and Bentwood Drive in August 2017. - photo by Scott Rogers

Hall County is obviously growing and not in decline. So much of the growth is positive and forward looking.

But there is a blemish, one might say a stain, that threatens to stop the forward momentum of growth in Hall County. It is our county roads!

I work in a field where I drive on the roads of Hall County on a daily basis.

I see not just potholes, but crumbling  pavement. Many of these are not recent, but have been patched and repatched, only to have the surface fail with heavy rain or freezing and thawing.

It is at the least an irritation, at worst a nuisance, to drive on such substandard roads.

Something far more dangerous is the lack of centerline and shoulderlines, which makes driving  at night dangerous, and driving in the rain treacherous.

So the next logical question is, why aren't our roads being maintained? Is there a funding problem? Is there simply a mismanagement of resources?

If it's the former why not create a Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax to repave Hall's roads!

If it's the latter, it needs to be investigated and corrected.

There is simply no excuse for a county as progressive as Hall County is, to have roads like a third world country.

Counties that grow and thrive have citizens who expect services!

They don't expect the solution to crumbling roads to be four inmates and a dump truck of asphalt.

This is not a road maintenance strategy for a growing county like Hall.

Jeff Carruth


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