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Letter: Governments should keep all ballots in English
11082017 VOTING 0004.jpg
Natt Davis casts his ballot during Election Day at Brenau Downtown Center in Gainesville, on Nov. 7, 2017. - photo by David Barnes

I don’t understand all the fuss about how all Georgia state ballots should be printed. Anyone living in this country should understand that the language of America is English. If you want to live here, learn it. Become part of our society with our values and the responsibilities of being a U.S. citizen. 

Why should taxpayers have to pay for this accommodation instead of insisting that speaking English is a legitimate requirement for residing here? Politicians, government appointees and employees, one and all, should oppose any policies or laws that change the current legal requirements for voting in English. Period. 

I hope all Georgia residents will speak up and be heard on this issue. 

Larry E. Fast


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