BREAKING: Authorities investigating possible homicide in Talmo Road area
The Hall County Sheriff’s Office said it is conducting a death investigation Wednesday, April 21, involving a possible homicide off of Talmo Road.
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Letter: Good immigration policy would’ve avoided a lot of problems
A view of the Federal Detention Center Tuesday, June 19, 2018, in SeaTac, Wash. - photo by Associated Press

Millions of illegal immigrants are proof our immigration policy is awful. 

When illegal immigrants get here, most get paid lower wages because they are illegal and the employers can get away with it. Most of us, however, look at the Mexicans that face danger, some even death, and families separated and blame the enforcement officers. They are just enforcing laws passed by Congress. Congress is the problem.

Has anyone considered that if we had good immigration policy and a big wall the last few decades, we would have millions of legal immigrants? We need immigrant labor and we also need to know who is in the U.S. 

Along with the hard-working people that harvest our food, etc., there are also drug dealers, human traffickers and gang members. Yet, Democrats in Congress still block building a wall. They apparently do not want to fix the problem. They appear to feel they can better keep their jobs by causing all that misery on mostly good people and blame it on the Republicans. 

Sadly, I bet most in Congress go home to gated communities and all lock their doors. They know what they are doing.

I don’t like either party, but not writing good immigration policy and securing the border is unconscionable. 

How long are we going to continue policy that is so obviously failing? 

When is the media going to point out obvious failures like this?

Mike McConnell


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