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Letter: Georgia should not work to keep its residents from voting
03162018 VOTING

I am outraged at the way our secretary of state is trying to suppress voting in this state.

I urge Gov. Nathan Deal to make sure the 54,000 voter registrations held up by the “exact match” program are processed and those people are allowed to vote. We all can see that most of the names on that list are people of color, and this “behind the scenes” racism is disgusting.

I know Gov. Deal is a good person and does not want to disenfranchise people of color in our state. I urge him to fix this problem.

Also, the governor should address the ridiculously high numbers of voters that have been purged from our roles in the last few years. The state should be advocating for all citizens to vote, not trying to keep people from the polls.

Marian Leigh Miller

Flowery Branch

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