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Letter: Georgia leaders deceived us by merely rebranding Common Core

I now know why Georgia senators and representatives are ignoring the fact that Common Core is alive and well in the Georgia School System. They honestly don’t believe the Common Core curriculum is being used in Georgia.

The proof lies in the recent candidates who are running for the local board of education in Habersham County, and who were asked about Common Core. Some did not even know that their county was using Common Core curriculum. They believed that Common Core no longer existed, and that the Georgia Standards of Excellence was a different program. Of course, if one listens carefully to the Georgia Department of Education, they will hear this: “We renamed Common Core. Common Core is no longer in Georgia Schools. We have Georgia Standards of Excellence.”

The real truth is this: The name “Common Core” is no longer in Georgia because they changed it. The Common Core standards are still in Georgia, because it was never repealed in 2014. Under Common Core, the GDOE could not change the requirements or the meaning of each standard, so they changed some wordings, leaving the core standards the same.

I am sure other Georgia candidates running for local school boards are also under this totally false illusion.

Since so many educators, senators, representatives and local school board members (even those running for the school boards), believe Common Core is no longer a threat, I will offer proof.

My proof lies in a few of my researched articles concerning the fact that Georgia is still a Common Core state. One question must be answered before I provide my proof. Why would the GDOE deny the existence of Common Core in our schools? In 2015, parents and citizens realized Common Core was hurting their children’s education, so to quiet these complaints, the governor approved the changing of the name and the rewording. Other states had used this method, so why not Georgia?

You want proof? Here goes:

(1) In many Georgia schools, Eureka Math/Engage NY (the leading Common Core-aligned math materials) worksheets are sent home as math homework. These sheets have Common Core printed at the top, unless it has been whitened out before copying. On the internet, look up “Eureka Math/Engage NY.”

(2) Look up Brietbart’s article titled, “Georgia legislation suddenly switches repeal of Common Core to its implementation.”

(3) Look up: “Map: Tracking the Common Core state standards-Education week.” You will see Georgia kept its Common Core adoption.

(4) Look up: "Common core state standards Initiative-Wikipedia.” Please note the map to the right under “adoption.” Georgia stands by itself in the Southern states under the title “states that have adopted the standards.” North Carolina is changing its math this year. There is no change for Common Core in Georgia, and now this year, science and social studies have been added to our Common Core curriculum under the name Georgia Standards of Excellence.

It is time that our Georgia schools get their heads out of the sand and repealed this.

Phyllis Marshall 


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