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Letter: Free speech doesn’t always apply if you’re a conservative

There’s a deplorable double standard associated with free speech in America and, alas, political correctness has proven to be incorrect politics.

If you’re a liberal, you can say most anything under the protection of the First Amendment and biased media. If you’re a conservative and don’t follow the politically correct narrative, you’re labeled, assaulted or even prevented from sharing your views at so-called institutions of higher learning and elsewhere. Whatever happened to “agree to disagree?”

When someone differs with you, it doesn’t mean there’s hateful intent. For example, I’m adamantly against abortion, same-sex marriage, illegal immigration, single-payer health insurance, burdensome tax laws and excessive government regulation. If you have opposing views, relax. I won’t threaten or strike you and I certainly don’t hate you. We just disagree.

Liberals use political correctness to silence, shame and slander their dissenters. Worse yet, they often act violently and spout vitriol – “racist, sexist, extremist, Islamophobic, homophobic, xenophobic” – to express their vehement disagreement with conservatives. 

The epicenter of political correctness is Washington, D.C., and it’s disgustingly on display in race relations. When white conservatives challenged President Barack Obama’s liberal agenda, they were branded as “racists” by hypocritical news groups. Impeachment was deemed an unjustifiable attempt to oust the first black American president. Yet, any principled journalist could have captured a Pulitzer Prize for an unbiased, thorough investigation of the scandal-ridden Obama Administration: Benghazi, Veterans Affairs, IRS, NSA, Hillary-gate, Secret Service, Fast and Furious, etc. Unfortunately, political correctness raised its ugly head.

Conversely, black liberals John Lewis, D-Ga., Maxine Waters, D-Calif., Frederica Wilson, D-Fla., and others have demanded the impeachment of President Donald Trump from day one. They’ve called him nasty names, like “bully,” “liar,” “egotistical maniac,” “illegitimate,” “nut,” “bum” - while the lap dog media hails these lawmakers as free speech icons. Wilson even referred to herself as a “rock star.”

Of course, free speech monitoring isn’t limited to race. A Google employee recently wrote a memo protesting his company’s suffocating left-wing political correctness. He simply asked his bosses to be more tolerant of those with differing views. He was fired. You probably didn’t read about this free speech abuse because most reporters conveniently ignored the story.

When former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow knelt during games to honor God, he was chastised unmercifully by the media. But when current NFL players disrespect our nation and flag by kneeling during the playing of the national anthem, the press treats these spoiled millionaires like conquering heroes. We all know who the real heroes are.

Two tips: 1. The price of free speech is responsibility. If you yell “fire” in a crowded theater, you’ll probably be arrested. If you scream “Allah akbar” in a packed arena before shooting innocent people, you’re likely to be killed or prosecuted for an act of terrorism. 2. Don’t allow political correctness to stifle your tongue or pen in standing up for your beliefs. We live in America, not North Korea, Cuba or Iran.

Dick Biggs


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