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Letter: Families, elected officials need to follow Commandment's values
02012018 LETTER

Do we want to change or find ways to cover up our bad conduct so people can’t know the truth of how we are thinking and performing our duties that we are assigned and elected to do? Do we have some hidden motives that prevent us from being honest in our assignments?

Why does it take a very bad tragedy to awaken us to some person, group or organizational trying to get our attention to what is going on in society?

Was this the reason Jesus was crucified? Did it take the Civil War over slavery or the shootings in our education institutions to show us that our thinking, conduct and values are out of what God created us to be, and to demonstrate his values and love for one another?

I am a firm believer that most failings start in the homes, the most important institution of any civilization. I believe this was the reason God created man and woman, to multiply and create children to honor him and other people.

Why have we neglected to follow the Ten Commandments, the guidelines that God gave us to honor him first, then our fellow men and women? Don’t you think we as a world, nation and people would have a better insight, revelation and conduct if we did?

Forgiveness brings about a better conduct, but our forgiveness does not erase the consequences of our sin.

If we as parents, children and adults follow God’s ways as he intended, our elected officials have to represent us as a nation or country, and our county and cities would grow and prosper for everyone.

In my last days on earth, I want to say “I woke up with heaven on my mind,” and to say to God and my fellow men and women, “It is well within my soul.”

Mordecai Wilson

Lula City Councilman

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