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Letter: A fair tax system is our responsibility to one another

It has been a very long presidency; 2017 has offered enough outrage to fill every screen. From our cellphones to our high resolution televisions, Donald Trump’s Republican Party has satisfied our constant and growing need for fire and fury. 

Unfortunately for our neighbors and for our children, since we have decided to base our government on suspicion and resentment of one another, we have begun to suffer the consequences. 

This is how we arrived at a tax bill from the GOP which broke every promise America made to its people and every deal Republicans have made with their voters. Sixty-three million Americans voted for candidate Trump when he said, “As part of this (tax) reform, we will eliminate the carried interest deduction and other special interest loopholes that have been so good for Wall Street investors, and for people like me, but unfair to American workers.”

Once president, Mr. Trump left that promise behind like the contractors he hired to build his towers — forgotten in a blaze of self adulation. 

Instead of raising taxes on the wealthy and cutting taxes on everybody else as he promised, he did the opposite. Fully one-third of middle- and lower-class American households will see a tax increase from the GOP tax plan. Trump’s GOP kept the tax loophole that corporations use to send jobs overseas while deducting the cost of outsourcing. And instead of tackling the debt, which 9th District U.S. Rep. Doug Collins has railed against for years, Trump’s Republicans wrote a trillion dollars of new debt into the bill. 

The fact is that taxes were never intended to be agreeable. They were only written into our Constitution because our founding fathers knew that no civilization is possible without taxation. The British civilization we fought to escape loaded the poor with debt and taxes, while the upper class paid little to no tax. In other words, Britain had a Republican tax plan. It had no public schools, no public health care, no safety net, only money and power flowing inexorably upward. 

Our tax system should be different. A nation founded on the Revolution owes its people the promise of that Revolution: a better America tomorrow than the one we have today. Every generation of Americans worthy of its heroes should stage a peaceful revolution against poverty, ignorance and sickness. 

How do we do that? We tax the rich, who make millions from the labor of others, not as punishment but out of obligation to the society that made their wealth possible. Working people should pay less, since their income pays for necessities, and because they make our nation work. 

It is time that Americans claim our national birthright: a more democratic form of capitalism, where every community is built around jobs and no neighborhood is left behind to the casino economy. The people of this nation make it work: we owe it to ourselves to make our own destiny — together, or not at all.

Josh McCall


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