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Letter: Environment should be top issue in upcoming elections

Vernon Dixon wrote an impassioned letter to The Times published May 22, but it was just that, impassioned — a strong emotional assessment of our environment as it is today.

I agree with him. but there’s a problem: He offered no solution. May I offer mine.

There is one inescapable fact: The Earth’s CO2 levels are higher today than they have ever been in the history of mankind.  

And where is this CO2 coming from? Human technology — the way we extract energy from our environment, from the burning of fossil fuels.

When we know the problem and we know why we have the problem, what blocks us from addressing it?

Politics. Our politicians, either in Congress or running for office, are beholden to the same people who are causing the problem. It’s hard to get someone to understand a problem if their life and livelihood depend on not understanding it. (Upton Sinclair)

We have an election coming up soon. If a candidate’s No. 1 issue isn’t the environment, find somebody else.  

Ask: How will you lower the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere? Don’t let them of the hook by changing the subject.

Joan King


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