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Letter: Elected leaders put the rights of felons over those of the unborn

As a concerned citizen and a Christian, I feel led to offer a few comments on the state of our nation today. Like so many others, I am perplexed at the reports on our newscasts on TV day after day of shootings, killings, rapes and animals walking our streets, abducting and molesting our children. No one is safe in our homes, going about our daily lives doing things that normal people do only to be confronted by these savage predators who have no regard for life or for innocent people who just want to live their lives in safety. 

On the occasions when these criminals are arrested, to no great surprise to any of us, some of our “pantywaist” judges set bond and in no time these animals are back out on the street to threaten innocent people once again. Bonds should not apply to these felons at any time.

The laws that exist in America today do not reflect the idea that there are things that you just don’t do in a civilized society. It doesn’t take a “rocket scientist” to know right from wrong. The law should be firm and clear that if you set out to commit criminal acts, be sure you will be punished severely. Our laws are designed to protect the rights of the criminal and the innocent ones be damned.

On that note, here is a case in point: The “crooks and liars” who serve in Congress passed the law that it is acceptable and legal to allow millions of innocent babies to be murdered each year by the Planned Parenthood slaughterhouse under the watching eye of our senators and representatives, with virtually no feeling of guilt or remorse. 

In the last presidential election, Hillary Clinton based her campaign on her support of this travesty, with a “heads up” that she would “tone down” these “Bible-believing Christians” when she took office. 

While the mass murder of our babies goes on, all over our nation, our “death row” inmates continue to languish in our facilities with death sentences hanging over their head for years that will never be carried out. We have more regard for their well-being than we do for innocent babies whose only crime was to be born.

Those of us, both Christians and non-Christians who merely stand by and do not scream out our rage at this travesty will certainly give account one day to an almighty God for not taking a stand. For any of you in America who don’t believe in the existence of an almighty God who will one day hold us all accountable, I have a sincere suggestion: Don’t die!

Mickey Montgomery


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