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Opinion: Woke, awake and ready for tough conversations
02012018 LETTER

In response to the letter to the editor about woke vs awake: I am awake to see that a White male is threatened by the changing philosophies and mindsets of a generation that no longer will tolerate bigotry, racism, anti-feminism, anti-lgbtqia+ and disproportionately discriminates these persons to have “less than” basic human rights. Being woke should be no different than being awake. I don’t think you are awake.

To qualify, I am a first generation Mexican American. I grew up in Hall County. I am a graduate student in social work. I work tirelessly in my community. I know a few things about the issues currently we are facing as a generation or best as a country.

Many of us in this “woke” mindset are not afraid to have your difficult conversations. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Choosing not to listen and communicate is why we are where we are. We are not running from tough conversations. In fact, we welcome them proudly! Voice your opinions but without muffling ours. If anything, we encourage public forums for discussions and ongoing debate. We expect the same opportunities of discussion that we give you. Simply. Consider what we are requesting, political correctness or basic respect for each other to be identified as we want to be. Direct me on what the real issue is with that. We have been using pronouns our entire lives. It’s not a far-fetched idea to change she/he to they/them.

We are asking for our friends and families of color to be treated with the same decency and respect of that of our White counterparts. Dr. Martin Luther King was mistreated and shot at by his White counterparts. How can he be quoted in the argument? People of color still face being underpaid and overworked. They face harsher punishments in jail and are more likely to be killed in custody. Do you think Dr. King was referring to this when he asked to not be judged by the color of his skin?

What I hear is persons who are uncomfortable with progress and change and persons who expect things to go the way as they always have. If you look back, none of that worked. It sounds more of a tantrum than a conversation. We as a community and a nation are ready to take back our power that each individual holds within them to make this country greater than it can be. We aren’t holding on to history that divided us and brought hurt to our people. History is constantly evolving. Why not side with positive change that can promote equal opportunity for all?

Liza Cuevas