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Opinion: With globalism growing, ought we call departments ‘ministries?’
United Nations Building
United Nations Building

It has been said that our country is a year or so behind Europe — eventually, we adopt many of their cultural norms and their governing ideologies, such as a socialist-leaning government.

The UN and some member nations are organized by ministries, not departments. Their titles are generally different, such as the UN’s “High Commissioner” of such and such.

We seem to be moving that way with the new office of misinformation and its czar, the VP. You would think that office’s job is to scan for misinterpretations in reporting the regime’s press releases and documents, and to clarify and correct. However, its job seems to have expanded to reprimanding those who express opinions not in line with the regime’s positions. Ministry of Narrative Alignment, headed by the High Commissioner of Enforced Fabrication, might be more appropriate.

The DOJ might become the Ministry of Selective Justice, headed by the High Commissioner of Law Duality. Recent history has shown that investigations, prosecutions and punishments are both two-tiered and political party dependent. Notice that many lawbreakers are arrested then released. The participants of the violent 2020 summer riots, including the church burning in DC, mostly walked. Those questioning our election integrity continue to be tracked down like incorrigible criminals.

The FBI might become the Ministry of Regime Enforcement, headed by the Secretary-General of the Fifth Column. If recent history is any indication, certain groups, such as parents of public school children; election integrity advocates; certain prominent, usually old, citizens; strict conservatives; Americanists; constitutionalists; nationalists; and others, will be on their wanted list. “FBI Raids Home of Retired Texas Couple Who Attended Jan. 6 Capitol Rally,” June 25, 2022, in The Epoch Times.

Our representative to the UN is a bit complicated: “Our Chief of Mission has the title of Representative of the U.S.A. to the United Nations, with the rank and status of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, and Representative of the U.S.A. in the Security Council of the United Nations.” Online: “Representatives of the USA to the United Nations — Chiefs of Mission.”

Let’s rename that office to Ministry of UN Collaboration, and in place of the fancy and hard to pronounce title, let’s go with Subordinate Overseer of Global Compliance.

We might consider several small, streamlined “ministries” that could help restrain the overreach of bureaucracy and promote ethical and honest government. The new naming would be intentionally descriptive for these needed areas: Ministry of Ethics, Ministry of Accountability, Ministry of Openness and Citizen Oversight, and Ministry of Deregulation. Getting buy-in from our government could be a problem. You think?!

But do we have men and women qualified to head up these new ministries? We would need to look past professional politicians and recruit outstanding citizens from all walks of life.

The overarching Ministry of Truth would be headed by the Supreme Commissioner of Truth. Who could qualify for that position?

Gary B Hulsey