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Opinion: When will we awake from this nightmare?
A protester throws a smoke device at police during a protest Tuesday, June 2, 2020, in Atlanta over the death of George Floyd, who died while in police custody. - photo by Associated Press

Recently I have been sheltering in place. Boredom was about to get a grip on me. So I started channel hopping and ran across a documentary on Omaha Beach, which took place 75 years ago. It was an operation that was activated on a lot of bad intel, it seems. The airborne dropped in a swamp, the Germans were better prepared, I believe, a tank sank, many drowned, and those who made it to the beach were usually cut down by a hail of machine gun fire. 

As I watched, my mind brought me back to the present situation, and I wondered, did these GIs die so lawless thugs could ravage our land? If those who fought and died were here today, I believe, they would all be unanimous in claiming their cause was on much higher ground. 

I also wondered if these “protesters” know what “D-Day” was all about and if they did would it have made any difference? All lives matter! Reference to the Rev. Martin Luther King has been made so often. I hope from his lofty perch he is looking the other way? Mr. Floyd was a gentle soul and his death was a needless tragedy!

It makes my stomach turn and my blood boil to see the needless wreckage. It brings back memories of my tour in WWII where I saw cities leveled. I thought then and now, what a waste! Preservation of property and life are both essential components of a civil society. 

Restoration of property is a slow, costly and painful process. However, restoration of life is very difficult. I am aware of only one man who has conquered the grave. I wishfully think this is a terrible nightmare and I will awaken some bright morning in a land of the free and the home of the brave where people live together, work together and use reason and mutual respect to work out their differences, not Molotov cocktails. 

The leadership in some states were less than ideal. Kemp gets an atta boy! Cuomo was a great example on how not to do it, nursing home massacre, ventilator, hospital beds, underutilization of the comfort, etc. I remember he is the governor of a state whose legislator rejoiced when they passed a law that made it legal to murder the “born alive.” This man is Democrat with a heart as warm as the grave he has generated. 

The Dems also have a potential candidate who was cut from the same cloth and is sorely lacking in the ability to be our president. 

Mr. Trump is a remarkable man and president. He has survived two fabricated witch hunts and other lefty harassment but still managed to accomplish more in three years than any other president in recent history. The facts speak for themselves. 

Gary Gambrell


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