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Opinion: What the Republicans have to offer

The Times recently published a letter asking the question “What reason do Independents have for voting Republican?” Putting aside the fears that the current GOP has embraced the commandment “Thou shalt not speak ill of Donald J. Trump,” I submit that the axioms of the truisms of conservative Republicanism are and should be more attractive than ever before, not only to independents, but also to the moderate Democrat.

Republicans embrace legal immigration – those who have followed the laws to immigrate here legally – for we are a nation of laws. Because we are a nation of laws, and without that and a secure border, we are no longer a Constitutional Republic, protecting our citizens, which is the sole duty of the federal government. The Constitution limits the power of the federal government, reserving most powers to the individual states. Over the past 100 years or so, our citizens have become content with the ever-increasing power grab by the federal government. 

Where is the Republican Party going? We are committed to reversing the trends that have ignored the problems mentioned. Public service was once a high calling, but now seems to be reserved for those who can make the most noise or be the most radical. The Republican Party that can attract the average voter is one wherein I believe many people’s personal convictions lie. In short, I believe that many people are already, at their core, Republicans but they just don’t realize it. 

When “man on the street” interviews are held, conversations engaged, or civil discourse is held, people gravitate to those ideals which Republicans hold dear when the people are not told that they are hearing ideas proposed by the “evil” Republicans. Personal accountability, responsible leadership, the sanctity of “one person, one vote,” the importance of the nuclear family, fiscal responsibility at the federal level (Georgia already has that at the state level). States can better decide what is best for their citizens than those in Washington. 

The distinctions between R and D have never been so clear. Most thinking people want government by people of good character, competence and judgment. 

The writer of the letter expressed concern about “wasting her vote.” I would submit that no vote is wasted when it is cast in good conscience. Republicans typically stand for law and order, fiscal accountability, individual charitable giving for supporting those less fortunate, local accountability for our schools, the belief that the Constitution grants freedoms rather than restricts them, and personal accountability. 

It is not because the Democrats are so bad that there is no choice but to vote Republican, but because we are the best choice to combat ever-increasing inflation, continued unemployment, runaway spending, rampant crime, the disrespect of our nation on the world stage, and the perception of a weaker military which may very well lead to war. 

Hall County has a GOP club and a Republican Women of Hall which welcomes all interested parties to attend our meetings where thoughtful, honest discourse is encouraged.

Judy Sartain


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