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Opinion: What really caused the All-Star Game move out of Georgia?
All-Star Game sign
Workers load an All-Star sign onto a trailer after it was removed from Truist Park in Atlanta, Tuesday, April 6, 2021. Major League Baseball plans to relocate the All-Star Game to Coors Field in Denver after pulling this year's Midsummer Classic from Atlanta over objections to sweeping changes to Georgia's voting laws. (John Spink/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP)

I read with great interest the Times article “ Lawmakers bristle over MLB snub” and there were valid points made by our local lawmakers, however I believe they are missing the point of what is happening here in our community, around the country, and all over the world.

First, I don’t believe the new voting law is as bad as some have made it, including President Biden. These new rules are not nearly as bad as in the heyday of Jim Crow, but the intent of them seems to be the same as early Jim Crow laws; to target a voting population that the controlling party would rather not have vote. Some of these changes do actually address some issues that will make the elections less prone to fraud, but others are clearly made to make it more difficult for some voters. To me the most onerous part of the new law that is not being talked about much, is taking oversight of elections out of the hands of an elected official (Secretary of State) and putting it in the hands of a person appointed by the legislature. Had this been in place during the last election the outcome might have been very different, and that is why I believe this part of the law was included. This action has nothing to do with election integrity.

What is really going on today especially in our country and other first world countries around the world is the power shift from mostly White men running things to a much more diverse power structure. This is a very hard change for many people to accept, and many believe it has to be stopped at any cost. This is the appeal that Mr. Trump has too many people. His actions and words have always been to return the country to the glory days of the past, but those days for many people were not so glorious and they would now like some more of the great American dream. The right way for this to happen in a democracy is through open and fair elections. Elections that make it easy for everyone to vote. If we tilt the system to favor the rich, powerful and select groups of citizens the country could start down a very dark path that will end up ruining us all.

I also believe corporations, sports organizations, community groups and many individuals see the need for the country and the world to be more open and inclusive to all people, if for no other reason than it is good for business. As a former Republican I hope someday those political leaders will see this, too, but right now only Democrats are following the right path on voting rights to include all Americans equally into the voting process.

Tom Vivelo

Flowery Branch

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