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Opinion: We should be able to disagree respectfully
02012018 LETTER

There are a few signs around town that I truly don’t understand. 

To be clear, I do understand exactly what “Let’s go Brandon” means. It means screw Joe Biden, with a more vulgar word in place of screw (one that the paper won’t print). For some reason some folks think it’s amazingly funny and clever. It isn’t. It’s juvenile. 

It’s especially juvenile when you consider that the person who is generally recognized as president of the USA is faced with a historic pandemic, Russia poised to invade a country that the U.S. supports, wildfires, tornadoes and many other problems. 

Maybe the more adult approach is to either support the generally accepted president or support alternatives to his policies, as opposed to putting up signs that say screw him.

I never considered our current governor as the legitimately elected governor after he purged a few hundred thousand voters from the rolls as the referee in the same election that he was a candidate in. Yet, I still paid my state taxes. I didn’t try to invade the state Capitol or put up signs that said *#%^ Brian Kemp. I may have wanted to, but somewhere after my teenage years, I became an adult and acquired adult responsibilities and values. 

It would be nice if we all decided that we can disagree about politics without resorting to clever and juvenile insults. It’s time to return to respectful dialogue and work together to try to solve the problems that face us all. 

There are people of both parties (and no party at all) who I enjoy working with, whom I respect even though we might disagree, and who I feel respect me even though I might not vote like they do all the time. 

Linda Ostrow