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Opinion: We the people should vote
10312020 VOTE 1.jpg
Early voters arrive Friday, Oct. 30, 2020, to the City of Gainesville Downtown Building to cast their early ballot on the final day of early voting. - photo by Scott Rogers

Taking a cue from Jimmy Buffet the theme of this letter is “Wastin’ away in Democracyville.”

The civic elections are over. The people have spoken. Well, at least some of the people. The proud. The few. The very few.

I’m a naturalized citizen; my family moved to the United States from Canada (legally). During the naturalization process it is emphasized how important our duty as citizens is to vote. So I vote.

But reading in The Times this morning I see voter turnout was low this time around. Even lower than expected. 

The county didn’t have enough poll workers. My wife applied to be one. She never heard back from anyone.

Then there’s recent election “reform.” Hall County Elections Director Lori Wurtz is quoted as saying “We’re still learning the new machines.” Still learning? I also had a few neighbors confused as where to vote. I had no problem finding out where. It was all here in The Times. City Hall. In and out in 10 minutes.

A funny, make that a sad, thing happens when “We the People” become just some of the people. Folks elected by just some of the people have a habit of making it even harder for those left who care enough to vote, to do just that.

The next two election cycles in ‘22 and ‘24 promise to be humdingers. So let’s try something fellow voters. Let’s do our homework. Let’s learn where and when to vote. Then: vote.

It’s worth a shot and has worked in the past. Otherwise the future is bleak.

Brian Olson