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Opinion: We need medicine and God right now
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An X-ray machine sits inside the Northeast Georgia Medical Center mobile unit. - photo by Scott Rogers

I'm responding to both letters to the editor dated March 20, two for one, since both were guilty of the same error: Misconception.

Mr. Ward's letter said his pastor and church were cowards for failing to gather for worship. That is a warped perspective. 

His fellow church members did not stay home out of cowardice but out of Christian love for others. They made a wise decision to avoid spreading the disease by temporarily suspending gatherings. 

Sir, you can worship anytime, anywhere. You can pray at home. Do you have a Bible? Read Acts 17:24 and 1 Corinthians 3:16. If you're a poor singer, sing hymns in the shower. Instead of writing articles attacking Christ's church, send notes of encouragement to our leaders, first responders and medical workers. 

Sunday morning worship is a time to honor God's name. It is not a here-I-am-where-are-you religious display. 

As for Mr. Robertson's letter attacking Ronda Rich's column, did he even read it? Her mother did not ignore the doctor's advice. The doctor said there was nothing more to do. When all medical efforts of that day failed, Ronda's mother turned to the Great Physician. In his mercy, God spoke to her to and told her to take the child to a cooler location to ease the fever. 

I experienced something similar. Even before Roe vs. Wade, I was scheduled for a legal abortion. I had lost a dangerous amount of weight from nausea caused by pregnancy. They tried every treatment known at that time, but my condition worsened. 

My dad felt uneasy about the abortion. He had dreamed of holding a blue-eyed granddaughter and knew that dream was from God. 

He prayed hard the night before the scheduled procedure and came to visit once more. On the way, he met a bearded man carrying a bottle in a paper bag, a common sight around the hospital back in the day. My dad gave the man a dollar, but then this man did something strange. He gave the paper bag to my dad and walked away. My dad didn't give it any thought and just hurried to my room with the bag in his hand. 

When he got there, he was met by my obstetrician. The doctor looked at the bag, his eyes widened and he said, "That might work!" My father didn't even know what he was talking about. The doctor opened the bag to find a sealed bottle of wine. He quickly gave me a small amount. And yes, it worked. The nausea ceased and a few months later I delivered a blue-eyed baby girl. God works in mysterious ways. His wonders to perform. 

In these trying days, let's try to avoid misconceptions. Instead of being quick to attack, let's care for each other with compassion. No, we cannot afford to ignore medical recommendations. Nor can we afford to set aside our faith in God. Right now, we need all we can get of both.

Beatrice Vore