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Opinion: We need to know whether 2020 vote was legitimate
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Early voters arrive Friday, Oct. 30, 2020, to the City of Gainesville Downtown Building to cast their early ballot on the final day of early voting. - photo by Scott Rogers

The media often states that election fraud claims have been discredited. I don’t think anybody doubts there is some election fraud in every election. That statement intends to say that there was not enough fraud to swing an election. 

Georgia counted our votes three times. Most ballots were for Biden, no doubt. Our election law was updated primarily to ensure the ballots are legitimate. Dr. King’s niece, Dr. Alveda King, said our new law is reasonable and she would have voted for it.

There is enough evidence of problems in Arizona that the Senate was recently given court approval to audit the paper ballots. There will be observers from both sides, and the audit will be videotaped. 

The Board of Supervisors refused to give access to the ballots to the Senate. They delayed all they could even after a judge told them to release the paper ballots. Now Democrats are bringing renowned attorneys to fight auditing the ballots. 

BLM and Antifa have been summoned to stop the audit. The National Guard will be brought in to help ensure the safety of the audit. 

If everyone is so sure the ballots are legitimate, why is there such pressure by the Democrats to keep the ballots from being audited. The more they resist, the more I think the paper ballots need to be audited.

Several decades ago, I was told that “when enough people figure out that they can vote prosperity rather than work for it, our economy will crash.” 

I recently read that 59% of the people approve of Biden’s performance. Chavez also had huge popularity in Venezuela — before their crash. 

Hopefully the prediction is wrong for the U.S. We need to at least know the vote is legitimate. If it is, so be it.

Mike McConnell