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Opinion: We must be courageous, not compromising
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If you take sides and criticize the other major political party, do some of your family and friends say, “the parties must work together and both compromise”? It ain’t happening, and it ain’t gonna happen! 

The left is dug in, committed and unmovable. Note: Not all Democrats are leftists, but all leftists are either Democrats or socialists. 

History shows that our culture and politics regularly move left. Cyclically, conservatives adopt the left’s most recent positions, and the left stakes out new positions more extreme and more supportive of its collectivist and globalist agenda. 

No school prayer, no religion in the marketplace, abortion, same-sex marriage, infanticide and stripping parents of the right to guide their immature kids away from transgenderism — these are all protected by law! A large segment of society does not want this. Somebody compromised. Was it us? 

Our left-moving culture and government are illustrated in this article: 

“Virtually everywhere the ‘transgender’ agenda has taken hold, (the left) rules. The onslaught will continue unless truth-loving Americans stop it.  Otherwise, another moral domino will fall, and the left will move on to its next cause and target.” – “The 'Transgender' Endgame,” by Trevor Grant Thomas. 

How did Neville Chamberlain’s compromise with Hitler work out? How did Norway’s Vidkun Quisling’s compromise with German ambassador Curt Bräuer work out? What was the impact on Quisling’s legacy? His name is forever held in disdain. 

Did Jesus Christ compromise with the Jewish religious leaders? Jesus was, and is, the example of perfect assertiveness. He told the truth, held to the truth and did not waver. When Caiaphas asked Jesus if he was the son of God, Jesus did not offer a compromising answer, though he knew the truth meant certain death. 

Scriptures put an all-important emphasis on truth: “But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.” – John 3:21 

Did the Jewish religious leaders offer a compromise where Jesus’ movement and followers could coexist with the leaders and their hypocritical laws and customs? No way! The leaders wanted absolute control and would not tolerate any threat to their power structure. 

Did Jesus offer to water down his message or to adopt some of the religious leaders’ elitist practices as a compromise? No sir! He called them out along with their unrighteous practices. 

A compromiser is willing to give up at least a portion of his principles. And, he’s willing to give in to those whom he knows will act in an unethical, and likely immoral, manner in response to his concessions. 

God told Joshua, “Be strong and of good courage.” It takes courage to stick with one’s principles. Our founders did it. Churchill did it. Jesus Christ did it. 

Ought we do any less?

Gary Hulsey