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Opinion: We demand accuracy from banks, elections should be no less secure
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Poll worker Susan Joninas unpacks supplies Friday, May 15, 2020, at Gainesville Exploration Academy for early voting. The first three weeks of early voting will be held at the school instead of the Hall County Government Center. - photo by Scott Rogers

Thank you for Robbie Sequeira’s article regarding Georgians’ trust in our elections. It is a very important topic. 

It was interesting to read that a local college professor considered it to be a “good sign” that both political parties had over 70% confidence in our election process. Is that really a good sign? 

Seventy percent is an outstanding stat for pass completion percentage for your hometown quarterback, but would you be satisfied with 70% confidence in your bank statement balance? Would you do business with a bank that lost track of daily deposits or told you, “I’m not sure how $5,000 got transferred from your account to someone else. It must have been a computer glitch?” The proverbial “glitches happen” response. Of course not!

As citizens, our vote is all the money we have in our democratic process, and it must be protected and precisely managed better than the banking system. Errors in one’s bank account are tragic. Failure to accurately account for every legal vote and discard illegal ones means we no longer have a republic. It’s that important!

We have the technology. Our nation has put a man on the moon. A person can eat a tainted hamburger and we can trace it back to a specific farm and cow. 

Secure the process! It’s OK to make voting convenient, but security and accuracy are paramount. 

Georgia should lead the way and collaborate with other states to create a failsafe election process. We should employ blockchain technology, watermarked ballots that are serialized, voter ID and verification, complete chain-of-custody ballot tracking, and machines that have been tested and their software programs validated, all with backup and redundant verification procedures (manual ballot count) to be in place. 

Our goal should be six sigma (less than 4 errors/million votes) and a confidence level amongst our citizens greater than 99%. 

We demand it with our banks and we should expect nothing less in our election process. The stability of our republic depends on it.

Tom McAllister


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