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Opinion: Warnock’s attack ad on Walker is deceptive
Herschel Walker
Republican U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker

This is not a political pitch, but simply an attempt to expose a deception that is getting a lot of coverage both in Georgia and nationally.

Senate candidate Rafael Warnock has published an ad that states that Herschel Walker was accused of threatening his wife. In the video she is seen corroborating that accusation. What you are not told is that this clip is taken from a CNN interview in 2008.  The appearance on CNN was to highlight the need for better mental health treatment, specifically dissociative identity disorder. Both Walker and his wife explain that the incidents referred to in the clip did happen, but they happened during one of Walker’s episodes.

Cindy Grossman, his ex-wife, says she is happy that Walker got treatment and she also understands that those episodes do not reflect his true personality. In a subsequent interview with ABC News when it was suggested that the disorder is not real, she said: “That makes me kind of angry. I just know he has it. I know what I saw.”

Walker wrote a book, “Breaking Free,” about his disease and has been an advocate for better mental health services ever since.

Warnock’s ad is the lowest of low tactics. To use someone’s disorder to malign their character goes beyond mud slinging. Sen. Warnock should repent and make a public apology for that disgusting ad.

Tom Day