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Opinion: In wake of Trump impeachment, church can lead way forward
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Last week, the Senate acquitted President Trump in his impeachment hearing. The entire process from the vote to impeach in the House and the subsequent acquittal in the Senate was essentially along party lines. Such partisanship leaves us citizens with a vote of “no confidence” in our governmental leaders.

To an objective, dispassionate observer, this impeachment was poorly managed. There were no direct witnesses, the case was hurried through then strangely held up as if timeline was more important than truth. 

The impeachment of a president is a very serious matter. Our Founding Fathers took exceeding care to ensure it was not to be a political tool.  The threshold of high crimes and misdemeanors was set to be for extreme and egregious acts of malfeasance. None of those occurred. If so, then virtually every president would be a target for impeachment — Obama and his lying over Benghazi and giving over $1 billion dollars to our enemy Iran would qualify, as would Clinton’s under oath lies of not having “sexual relations with that woman” and Bush’s invasion of Iraq over the nonexistent WMDs. In terms of cost of blood and treasure, that offense greatly overshadows the other three combined.

This is not how to run a country. If we’re stuck in a zero-sum gain, where someone must win and another lose, or if political party takes priority over truth and justice, then we certainly have no confidence in our future success. A house divided will not stand, and if we remain angry at each other, we give a foothold to the devil. 

This is an opportunity for the church to lead the way to healing for there are many believers on both sides of the political aisle. The bonds of brother and sisterhood in Christ surpass political party. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love remembers not a wrong suffered and love doesn’t celebrate evil but rejoices with the truth. 

Let’s all step it up and make tomorrow a better day remembering we’re all on Team USA. Love never fails!

Tom McAllister