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Opinion: Veterans need care close to home

The doctors office called me and wanted to set up an appointment for a colonoscopy as a follow-up on my procedure three years ago. I reminded them that I was a veteran with Tri-Care insurance through the VA, then I was asked if I had any other insurance. When I said I didn't, she said, "Oh, we don't take VA patients anymore."

I got the same cold shoulder from the Northeast Georgia Medical Center when they decided they weren't taking care of the veterans anymore. 

My heart doctor gave me a simple pill to get my heart out of afib. When I had the problem once before and it cost upward of $25,000 to do the same thing, my follow-up appointments were canceled.

I went to have my ears cleaned and the same result I encountered, “We don't take veterans anymore.”

Of course the VA hospital takes care of all veterans for free! It is just so much easier when we can get things done close to home, especially the colonoscopy. It takes about 40 minutes to get to the VA hospital it you don't have to stop at a restroom!

We are losing 22 veterans daily nationwide to suicide, and most of the Vietnam veterans have to deal with the Agent Orange problem.

Thank you to those businesses who give a discount to the veterans, and thank you Lowe's, who has dedicated parking spots for veterans.

Thank God for this country, the safest in the world. And thank a teacher for our children who are taught to read, and thank a veteran for the language that is in English!

Roger Keebaugh