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Opinion: Vandiver overlooks Democrats’ mistakes
U.S. Capitol
The U.S. Capitol is seen at the end of the day Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2019, in Washington. - photo by Associated Press

Although I disagree with Mr. Bruce Vandiver on a number of issues, I know a little about him personally and consider him an honorable man whom I respect. 

Vandiver in a recent letter to the editor accused Mr. Dick Biggs of “fear and scare tactics,” but he did not suggest that Mr. Biggs is wrong on any of his claims.

Vandiver wrote that Biggs has not written about Republicans spending too much money, slowly bankrupting the U.S. I do not recall Mr. Vandiver writing about Democrats spending too much.

Vandiver indicated that Trump planned to get out of Afghanistan. That is not the point. Biden abandoned Afghanistan to barbarians who torture and kill women, gays, etc., who Democrats claim they support. He enriched terrorists who still have some of our U.S. citizens. I suspect that is one of the worst decisions by a president — ever.

Vandiver has written that “Trump has offered no proof of significant voter fraud.” Meanwhile, the media writes that fraud has been “debunked.” 

Nobody has documented that enough fraud happened to throw the election in court, but the alternative has also not been proven. Our new law tries to correct that for the future.

Vandiver criticized Biggs for writing that Biden is not fit to serve as president but did not write that Trump was also unfit. Many of us dislike Trump’s rhetoric. A recent poll, however, suggests that most voters think Trump’s policy is better than Democrat policy. Personally, I will vote for Larry Elder if he runs for president.

Mike McConnell


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