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Opinion: Trump's response to COVID-19 will earn him reelection
04202020 Trump
President Donald Trump speaks about the coronavirus in the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House, Monday, April 20, 2020, in Washington. - photo by Associated Press

I feel compelled to respond to the letter to the editor written by Jim Grattan and published in the Times on April 18. The last time I responded to such a letter, I was accused of attacking the writer, so I will try real hard this time to attack what the writer wrote rather than the writer himself. This is a difficult undertaking.

I agree that Trump and his administration did not take the threat of a pandemic virus seriously. It is also true that practically no one else took the threat seriously because the Chinese government hid the real facts from the world and were supported in this deception by the World Health Organization. The writer didn’t mention this last part. Does this make President Trump a liar?

Once President Trump discovered that the Chinese were hiding something, he undertook a “massive mobilization of resources and instituted social distancing,” which was exactly what the writer accused him of not doing when he was accusing Trump of lying. 

The writer says that Trump’s response was a giant hodgepodge with no centralized coordination. Apparently, he has not observed the daily briefs that are held with the COVID-19 Response Committee, where they report each day on what is being done, who is doing it and when they expect problems to be solved. This is a far cry from what the writer refers to as “Trump showing himself to be completely incapable of doing the job of president.” 

My take on this is that Trump is now assuring himself of being elected for four more years.

Jim Waldrep


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