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Opinion: Trump must go, for the sake of our country
President Donald Trump speaks with reporters Aug. 18, 2019, before boarding Air Force One at Morristown Municipal Airport in Morristown, N.J. - photo by Associated Press

Make no mistake, the American democracy is in a crisis. 

A majority of the American public has been appalled over the last three years at the rogue presidency of Donald J. Trump. 

Numerous insider accounts have documented the rampant chaos in the White House, with erratic, spur-of-the-moment decisions being the norm. His insecurities and narcissism are so extreme that he must constantly disparage anyone who dares to differ with him, including foreign leaders. Only “yes men” can be in his inner circle. And then Trump incessantly lies about it all. 

The founding fathers never anticipated that someone so reckless, inept and inclined towards malevolence could become president.

The worst characteristic of Trump is that he actually feels that laws and norms do not apply to him. Because he is president, he evaded indictment for soliciting aid from the Russians in 2016 and the subsequent extensive coverup. Now, Trump has had the temerity to twist the arm of the Ukrainian president to conduct a phony political investigation for his personal benefit, while making military aid contingent on doing so. 

There is nothing accidental about this; it was an orchestrated effort by a set of aides too cowed to countermand Trump’s pointedly illegal directives. This latest Trumpian fiasco is a blatant, illegal abuse of presidential power and clearly is in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

This flagrant disregard of ethical and legal behavior by President Trump cannot be ignored. Permitting Trump to remain in office would be tacit approval of future illegal presidential conduct with unknown, and potentially serious, ramifications. Trump must be removed from office; the stability and moral force of the American democracy demands it. 

There are those who for some reason turn a blind eye to Trump’s egregious behavior; they need to look deep into their souls. Do we really want a reckless, lawless conman conducting the affairs of America? 

Trump is a danger to our American democracy; he is the antithesis of what American needs in a president. Every American needs to stand up and say “enough is enough.” Send Trump back to his conman world and get out of U.S. public life.

Jim Grattan


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