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Opinion: Trump must be sent packing come November
President Donald Trump speaks with reporters Aug. 18, 2019, before boarding Air Force One at Morristown Municipal Airport in Morristown, N.J. - photo by Associated Press

With only four months to go before the elections in November 2020, the American public has a chance to correct one of the most egregious political mistakes made in American history, that is, the election of Donald Trump. The Trump presidency has been ridiculous from the start, acting irresponsibly in almost every situation, but it has turned positively ugly in 2020. There is no doubt that this nation, under Trump’s leadership or lack thereof, is in a very serious crisis. 

His administration seemed to ignore all warnings about the consequences of pandemics to this nation and then failed to take timely and competent action to thwart COVID -19 when it did arrive. As a result, we will likely lose at least 200,000 lives to this virus. And we have a horrific economic catastrophe on our hands. 

He is unable to get past his white supremacy inclinations to see that there are longstanding racial issues in the U.S. And he is not reluctant to exacerbate those divisions when it furthers his agenda. He appeals to our worst instincts. 

He has turned the Justice Department, under the dubious leadership of AG Barr, into a tool for his personal agenda. Furthermore, Trump has continually replaced competent government officials who do not automatically defer to him. The Republican Party has become useless as a brake on Trump’s appalling actions. 

Trump is a con man and pathological liar. He apparently duped a sizeable portion of the American electorate into believing that he would “drain the swamp” and conduct government for the people. However, Trump supporters have had ample opportunity to see that the Trump presidency is one giant con job. He is undoubtedly the most inept person to ever be president. 

It will take some time, if not years, to repair the damage that Trump has done to this nation. It is absolutely in the interest of the American democracy for Trump to be sent packing in November. 

Jim Grattan 


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