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Opinion: Trump has right to question election
11142020 RECOUNT 1.jpg
Hall County Elections officials recount absentee ballots Friday, Nov. 13, 2020, inside the Elections Office at the Hall County Government Center as part of the state's hand recount in the presidential race. - photo by Scott Rogers

On concerning how our president is acting, I think he has the right to recount, sue and go by the letter of our law to assure that the election was valid. 

I don’t understand people who want more government in their lives. Maybe it’s hard for them to think for themselves and they need the Democratic Party to tell them how to, but I don’t! 

I can truly think and make my own decisions; where good or bad, I can do that all by myself. 

President Trump may not be the smoke blower that y’all want; he has actions behind him. 

The president did what he said he would do and he did it for free! I stand behind our president and pray something happens that changes the outcome because if it doesn’t, God help us all! 

If you think for one minute Joe Biden is your savior, think again! Oh wait, that’s a opinion, and, oh, I am not supposed to have one. But guess what? I do! Thank you president Trump for doing what you said you would do, and I do pray for four more years.

Lora Davidson


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