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Opinion: Trump is free to continue vengeful presidency
02122020 Trump
President Donald Trump smiles during a meeting with Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno in the Oval Office of the White House, Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020, in Washington. - photo by Associated Press

The Trump/Pence political machine is alive and well in Georgia defending the most corrupt, insolent president in the history of the United States and accepting behavior that would get anyone fired from a job or expelled from any school. 

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, tearing up her copy of Trump's speech was entirely appropriate given Trump's speech projected hate, incited even more malevolence and contained outright lies on his accomplishments and the true State of the Union, which is more divided than ever. 

Since Trump's acquittal in the sham of an impeachment trial with no witnesses, he has vowed retribution against everyone involved to send a clear message to fellow Republicans and Democrats if you criticize him, he will exact severe vengeance.  

We have seen this in his 2016 campaign, in his three long years as president and it gets worse each time he gets off Scott free. What more proof do you need than his blackmailing fellow Republicans trying to render impartial justice? Now he, his sons and his sycophantic supporters are unleashing despicable attacks on Mitt Romney, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, the ambassadors and public officials who testified in the House impeachment hearings against him.  His remarks at the prayer breakfast disagreeing with the speaker before him who was quoting Jesus Christ's teachings should send alarms through everyone who still supports this egomaniac.  

His vengeance sends the message, “If you criticize me, I will use my position to get you back.  The consequences will be severe. You will be smeared, investigated, framed, prosecuted, ostracized, never win another election, lose your job, your money, considered unpatriotic, and maybe even physically harmed or your family harmed.” His vile spreads. Can't you see it? 

There is no end to Trump’s autocratic tendencies. Is this the country you want to live in?

Rachel Schneider


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