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Opinion: Trump failed to get enough Republican support
President Donald Trump speaks with reporters Aug. 18, 2019, before boarding Air Force One at Morristown Municipal Airport in Morristown, N.J. - photo by Associated Press

All Georgians who love and cherish this state should rejoice at the process of last week’s election. We were a few thousand voters shy of 5 million, a record, and 21% higher than in 2016. That’s the biggest jump between elections since a 27% jump in 2004 from 2000. 

Early voting and mail in ballots helped to limit exposure to the COVID-19 virus across the state. This also lessoned the stress of same-day voting on Election Day. The images of citizens standing in line for hours to vote was inspiring and disheartening. What we need to take from all of this is the more we make voting easier and accessible to citizens, the chances are those citizens will reward the system back by voting. 

Now I did not say everyone was excited like I was that an apparent majority of Georgia voters helped make former Vice President Joe Biden, President-Elect Joe Biden. The cries and stomping of feet are being heard loudest from the GOP apparatus of office holders who have had almost total control of all local, state and federal seats for the last 20 years. Let me repeat that: The Republican Party of Georgia holds all state offices, majority control of the state House and Senate, both federal Senate seats and 10 of 15 congressional districts. 

Yet they are now projecting their failures of handling the economy, COVID-19 response, health care affordability and a whole host of other issues that voters have been slowly turning against them on to a series of accusations of voter fraud and misbehavior sans evidence. The accusations are being pointed in the direction of the large metro Atlanta counties and counties with majority Black populations. Wow, how the Trump GOP shows the shallowness their words of support are to Black Americans when it really counts. 

You don’t have to be a data analyst or statistician to do a quick look at the Georgia vote from 2016 to 2020 to see that not only was there increased turnout and support for Joe Biden in counties that leaned for Democrats but also in counties that supported Donald Trump. For example, there are 15 counties that supported Trump in 2016 and 2020 that surround nine metro counties that supported Biden. One of those is Hall County. 

The vote totals for Trump in these counties increased but fell in percentage points by 3.4 points from 2016. Meanwhile Biden’s share of the vote in those counties increased 5.3 points over Hillary Clinton’s votes in 2016. Why the imbalance? The absence of a third party and the movement away from Trump gave Biden the extra push. If Trump had carried his old percentages, in his own counties, he’d have the lead in Georgia. 

In closing, if there is a lesson that Republicans are not learning from Democrats mistakes in 2016 it is to respect the capabilities of your opponent. 

Where did the cries of “Creepy Joe” and “Sleepy Joe” get Donald Trump: an eviction on Jan. 20. 

Christopher Morgan 


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