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Opinion: Times helps preserve divergent opinions
04172021 David Horsey

In a recent letter to the editor (in the April 21-22 print edition) Scotty Ball complains that The Times has fanned the flames of a divisive issue, which he characterizes as “law enforcement relations with the general public.” 

He faults The Times for publishing an editorial cartoon on April 17 that came from The Seattle Times titled “Two Traffic Stops.”

Mr. Ball feels the cartoon drives us apart. At the top of the page on which Mr. Ball’s letter is published, in all capital letters is the word “opinion.” This is the same page that the editorial cartoon appeared on. 

I thank The Times for running the cartoon, and I thank The Times for publishing Mr. Ball’s opinion. You provide a venue in which we can respectfully disagree.

I believe Heraclitus got it right when he said, “Where there is no strife, there is decay: The mixture which is not shaken decomposes.” 

We are very fortunate to still have a local paper when so many other communities have lost theirs. A free and active press helps to preserve the divergent opinions upon which a democracy thrives.

Brian E Moss