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Opinion: Socialists want to divide us
06172020 OLDJOE 2.jpg
About 85 people gather Wednesday, June 17, 2020 in downtown Gainesville to protest the Confederate monument Old Joe. - photo by Scott Rogers

I'm writing about the protesters in the square June 17 to have the statue of Old Joe removed. Apparently, you don't know too much about the statue and land it's on. Maybe The Times needs to rerun Nick Bowman's article that was updated Aug. 28, 2017, and titled "History of Old Joe," concerning the lease of that property the statue was built on, and that in 2008 the 99-year lease was renewed for an additional 25 years. So, your protesting every year is futile as long as there's a binding lease.  

If you want to make a difference in this world, learn your history about socialism before you spout off about fighting for justice. Because even those considering themselves "white and privileged," as the speaker said this week, will have your rights taken away when a controlling socialist government is in power. Just look what happened in Cuba: They got everything for free until all their freedoms were taken away and communism was achieved by those in power.  

I want to know for whom are you protesting? Are you just wanting everything for free? Really? Don't you realize all you're doing is creating a wider division in this country? Did you ever hear of "divide and conquer?" That's exactly what the socialist movement wants, and you're falling right into their trap. Wake up before it's too late. God help us all.  

President Trump has done more for all people in this country, including the black community, than President Obama did in eight years. Can't you see, all lives matter (born and unborn) and we must fight and continue peaceful protests against injustice for all lives (against race, religion and all other Constitutional rights being trampled).  

The next protest you go to, ask those speaking or those you don't know around you, to see their driver's license. Professional protesters/rioters are intentionally being brought in and paid to keep this division going. You don't want history to show that you were just being used because you didn't know any better. By that time, it'll be too late.  

God bless you, and God bless America. 

Linda Taaffe  


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