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Opinion: So many questions, so few answers
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Why does it feel as if we’re walking in slow motion on a long bridge and can’t quite make out the scene at the approaching end?  

Why do many of us have a nagging feeling in the pit of our stomach, that the world has changed radically — and not for the better?  

Why did medical experts insist on a national lockdown for a virus with a death toll comparable to previous viruses?  

Why do mainstream media, in concert with the Democrat Party, continue to sound unfounded alarms and generate fear in the population?  

Why do controlling medical authorities and the FDA discount effective COVID treatments, such as hydroxychloroquine?  

What’s behind the deep-seated, visceral, fervid loathing inside Trump-haters?  

Why did indoctrinated young adults, progressives and socialists look to an aging, senile, white, unwoke, career politician as their presidential savior?  

What are the real motives of the young whites and blacks in the violent demonstrations — the so-called cultural revolution?  

Why are our protectors — police, ICE, National Guard and others — now despised, harassed and violently attacked by cultural revolutionaries?  

What’s behind the passionate desire of the insurrectionists to destroy all reminders of America’s founding and history?  

Why do FBI reports show the most ever background checks for firearms and a huge run on ammo?  

Why are even families so divided over what it means to live in America — representative government, rule of law, bill of rights, liberty, and private property ownership vs. disgust for our nation and a desire to tear it down and replace our government with some form of statism?  

Are some geographic areas, such as entire cities, fully controlled by unseen, supernatural, evil forces?  

Is Gabriel, right now, taking a deep breath in preparation for unleashing a tremendous blast on his trumpet? 

Gary B. Hulsey 


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