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Opinion: Shouldn’t loose dogs be controlled on weekends, too?
Animal control truck

On Saturday, Jan. 18, I tried to reach Animal Control referencing a pit bull running loose on my street. This same dog has run loose before, and Animal Control has been called. The dog doesn't have a collar. 

Animal Control doesn't work on Saturday. What to do? Call the non-emergency Gainesville Police number. I was asked if the dog was aggressive or had bitten someone. The answer was no, but it was a pit bull. 

I was told she could not send an officer out if the dog wasn't being aggressive or had bitten. 

She further stated that not all pits are dangerous. I know that. However, I am a 70-year-old individual that could not run or get away from an animal that was aggressive. 

I have been bitten by a small dog that was running loose in my neighborhood previously. Any dog can change behavior at the drop of a hat. 

I was told to call Animal Control on Monday if the dog is still loose. It was still loose on Sunday. Doesn't the city of Gainesville require that animals be on a leash or under voice command at all times? What is a citizen to do when Animal Control is closed and no officer can respond? Wait until they get bit and hope injuries are not too severe or deadly?

Susan Crowe