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Opinion: Servers should wear masks and wear them correctly
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A waiter at Avocado's welcomes a guest at a sidewalk in downtown Gainesville Tuesday, April 28, 2020. The restaurant was also open for inside dining. - photo by Scott Rogers

Dear Gainesville restaurant owners & managers,  

COVID-19 has hit you hard, and we are glad to have you back. But if you and your staff don’t comply with the governor’s orders on face masks, don’t expect me remain a customer.   

Too many times since the virus struck, I’ve entered a local restaurant to place or pick up an order, in the restaurant or the drive-through window, only to be served by someone either not wearing a face mask, or wearing it incorrectly.  

Some told me they were exempt from the face mask rule or that they can’t wear a mask and speak on the drive-through microphone. Others have said they just forgot.  

But the governor’s directive is clear: all customer-facing restaurant employees are required to wear a mask covering their mouth and nose.  

I want to give you my business – I really do. But if I see a server, cashier or manager without a properly worn face mask, I’m leaving – with my money.  

Dave Johnston  


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