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Opinion: Republicans want to represent people’s interests while Democrats consider those interests whims
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In 2008, then presidential candidate Barack Obama, campaigned on “fundamentally” changing America. Many had hope without certainty as to what that meant. On May 3, 2022, we received certainty through the lips of our President Joe Biden.

In a press interview addressing the “leak” of a draft Supreme Court decision involving Roe v. Wade, President Biden said this potential decision could have far-reaching consequence. As an example, he said Florida might even draft a law forbidding same-sex marriage. Then he said, I don’t trust “the whims of the public.”

The next day, May 4, in a follow-up briefing, he commented on the “hold” that Donald Trump had on the MAGA segment of the Republican Party.

If there is any question about the “fundamental change” desired and pursued by the Democrat Party, these two comments should erase those doubts. They seek an autocratic, authoritarian government that will rule over the people.

Biden ignores the “will of the people,” which is the goal of democratic government. He regards the “will of the people” as a “whim of the public.” He believes that the ignorant and emotional response of the common man should not control the political elite.

Biden compounds his arrogance by suggesting that those who support “Make America Great Again” are somehow being influenced by Trump. The truth is that Trump supports the values and goals of the common man. The values and goals that made America great in the first place. They believe that he, or someone with the same values, will serve their interest rather than their own.

Every election held in this country is meant to allow the people to elect representatives, senators, governors and presidents that will represent the “will of the people.”

Pray to God that we do not allow the autocrats to dominate and destroy this great American dream.

Tom Day