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Opinion: Republicans should face this question
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A recent letter writer had some fun showing off his impressive historical knowledge of the bombing of Hiroshima and at the same time dredging up a tired Republican canard about Joe Biden’s mental acuity. 

I’m personally not worried about Biden’s ability to answer any question from what he had for breakfast to how to combat nuclear proliferation. But Republicans should be seriously worried about the questions asked of Trump. 

We already know the kinds of questions Trump believes are really difficult: What is the animal you see in this picture? Can you draw a clock? Can you repeat these words: person, woman, man, camera, TV? What will the president do, though, if they ask him something really hard, such as, how do you spell “hamburger,” or should you drink Lysol? Trump has failed spectacularly at those kind of brain teasers in the past. 

I think Republicans really need to think very carefully about answering one question for themselves: How can I look at myself in the mirror if I vote for such an obviously incompetent, unqualified and foolish man as Donald Trump?

Bryan Sorohan


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