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Opinion: Republicans need to fix what’s broken

Georgia Republicans have met to establish goals and policies for the next year. One policy they have established declares that they will pursue fixing things, like election laws, that are not broken. At the same time they established that they are selective about things that are broken, like enforcement of traffic laws, that they choose to ignore, at the jeopardy of all citizens of Georgia. In the long run they will learn that if something is not broken it does not need to be fixed, and that broken things must be fixed.

Friday night, my wife and I very narrowly avoided a devastating accident that could have damaged our vehicle and injured us. Before that near-violent traffic encounter, we had driven more than 300 miles on Georgia roads, observing the total absence of traffic law enforcement.

Annually on average, 1,500 people die in traffic accidents on highways in Georgia. When those accidents happen, as many 4,500 people are injured, some of them with injuries that affect them for the remainder of their lives. In 2021, that situation is intolerable.

Georgia Republicans continue to demonstrate that they value money more than people’s lives. The policies they are devoted to are self-centered and self-incriminating. Republicans must learn that treating folks equitably makes life better for all of us, and suppressing folks drags down all of us.

Frank Lock


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