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Opinion: Republicans’ made-up issues undermine democracy

After my last rebuttal of Dick Biggs' letter, I was chastised by Mike McConnell and Faye Young. Both appear to be close adherents of Biggs' partisan propaganda. As someone said, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. People are like that, too. When confronted with what should be irrefutable evidence of a dishonest argument (like Trump's claim the presidential election was stolen), many conservatives deflect by citing certain media outlets on TV and internet. 

Tragically, not everyone is interested in reporting the truth. Just because an internet site says something does not make it so. Ditto for television sources like Fox News. 

There's a quote of Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan which says "first, get your facts straight. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts. Second, decide to live with the facts. Third, resolve to surmount them. Because, fourth, what is at stake is our capacity to govern." He was right. What's at stake today is our ability to conduct ourselves as a government of the people, by the people, for the people. 

Faye Young's letter said "Vandiver commented that Republicans were racist and trying to take the voting rights away from minorities and the poor." She also said  "Drop box voting in no way secures our elections and opens up numerous ways for cheating." Here we go again with the false allegations of cheating. There was no cheating that could pose a significant possibility of overturning the election. Georgia conducted an investigation during which the GBI analyzed signatures on 15,118 mail-in ballots from Cobb County. They found no evidence of fraud. The U.S. Supreme Court agreed there was insufficient evidence to justify hearing a case. And yet Republicans have passed restrictive new voting laws claiming to "fix" election problems that do not exist. 

Meanwhile, McConnell's letter said "Nobody has documented that enough fraud happened to throw the election in court, but the alternative has also not been proven." 

Wait. Say what? He appears to be claiming nobody has proven that "enough fraud to throw the election" didn't happen. That's astonishing. No court would hear the case because they saw no compelling evidence the election might be overturned. For the crazy horse that refuses to drink, that's just not good enough. This is where our ability to govern effectively leaves us. 

In his newest letter, Biggs lists a litany of dog-whistle issues like Critical Race Theory. The Republican Party has groomed citizens to believe this theory is being taught to our children in K-12 schools. It never was. Republicans are now getting elected by promising to ban things that never happened (like teaching Critical Race Theory in K-12 schools), and promising to "fix" an electoral system that is not broken. It's a royal scam that undermines public faith in our government and does lasting damage to the stability of our country. My advice: Guard yourselves against disinformation and those who spread it. A house divided cannot stand.

Bruce Vandiver